Retrospective 1

Finding and creating a widget was very simple. There were many useful options of widgets to add to the page and it was simple to get them on there. I chose to add my Instagram account; WordPress prompted me to enter my Instagram account info by pulling me to a new page, but then redirected me back to the WordPress website, it was surprisingly smooth.

I had a harder time finding the different themes. In the sidebar, there is a section that says ‘Themes’ and next to it, it says ‘Customize’. If you click ‘Customize’ it takes you to your page where you can add text, edit your widgets, etc. You must specifically click on ‘Themes’ to change the appearance of your site. I found this to be a bit confusing and hindering in my initial efforts. The site was a bit overwhelming, but once I dug into all of the customizations it turned out to be much simpler!

For WordPress, I will measure my performance based on views and visitors at first. Initially, I think it’s important to figure out what gets people to your page and do that. Later on, I will focus more on likes and comments once I have a larger following.



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